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destroys what she touches ....

"like a game of pick-up sticks played with f***ing lunatics*

Dierne, the angel of death and chocolate
15 February 1968
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Two Lumps Comic

You're Jessica Rabbit!
Jessica Rabbit

Who 's Your Inner Sexy Cartoon Chick ?
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I am Bastet.
I am Bastet.
Take The Egyptian Goddess in all of us test today!
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Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of Cats, Women, and Protection. It is said that when you call upon her for protection, she appears at your side in the form of a giant panther, and stays with you until you reach safety, or your destination. She was worshipped mainly in Bubastis in the Delta and in the Late Period of Ancient Egypt, regarded as a Benificient Diety.

What's Your Inner Beast? [pics]

The Werewolf:

The Werewolf is the symbol for Spiritual Paths. You have the soul of a wolf inside you, which makes you warm and caring to those you love.

Strengths: Protection is a number one priority, and therefore you always gaurd the ones you love and keep tight bonds with your pack mates. Loyalty is strong within yourself, and you also expect it from the ones who are close to you.

Flip Side: Even though you care for those you love deeply, if they betray you, anger races through your veins. The Werewolf, despite it's warm fun-loving personality, can also stand up for itself if need be. You would have no problem hiding your anger if something sets you off balance.

Congratulations! You have a Werewolf inside!

pic (c) Christy Grandjean aka GoldenWolfen

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